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Photo Cufflinks -- Put the baby's sonogram right on!

Um, first of all, do people still really wear cufflinks that much? Secondly, do new daddy's 'really' want to plaster a sonogram on said cufflinks? And thirdly...how can you really even see much on things so small? They look like blurry blobs as it is! Although, I bet this would go over well as present to a brand new grandpa-to-be even better maybe.

If you'd rather pass on the the blurry blob cuffs, then cufflinks with an actual picture on them might be a bigger hit....and even cuter without getting the "what the heck is that?" looks from people trying to discretely check out your cuffs.

Kim said...

I agree Emily. Cool, yet disturbing. lol.

Aren't there better things to spend money on when a baby is coming?

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