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Guitar Hero meets Rubik's Cubes x2 - The multicolored multitask

All I can say is "Holy...cow...."

Seriously, who thinks to even do this in the first place? And then actually puts it into play? This kid, I guess. Keep watching, as he has to wait for a while before he even does the switch to the second cube, so you can see he's a whiz at doing the cubes quickly on their own, but just has to wait out a difficult, fast section of the song. Take note that he doesn't finish with 100% accuracy, too, which makes him even cooler in my book that it's not perfect....but pretty darn close. Way to go geeks!

Amy K. said...

Too bad he can't get paid for this! ...can he?

Emily/Randomability said...

In-freaking-credible!! Isn't he watching the TV through a mirror??

Turning the cube with two hands can sometimes be difficult enough, but with only one hand. WOW!!

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