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Half Pint Dad & Sprog Tshirt Sets - The apple/nut doesn't fall far from the tree

With the overwhelming amount of mommy bloggers out there, I don't get to see nearly as many dad-oriented items as I'd like. Twisted Tees has their own section dedicated just to dads and their little ones, though, and I'm loving them!*

Dad and Son shirts

Dad and Son shirts

Dad and Son shirts

There are a few more varieties, including a set that say "actual size," hehe, and the half pint ones come in several different colors. And if you're a mom and you just have to have something like this for yourself, there 'is' a babydoll tee style of the plain white half pint shirt.

*Most of them anyway. There are a couple that feature the "F word" that I don't find appropriate, but otherwise, I love the rest.

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