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The Lying Down Game

This one is for you social networking addicts out there, especially Facebook users who live by status updates and picture tagging.

The Lying Down Game has a group on Facebook of over 77,000 people (currently 77,916, so almost 78k!). So what is it? Basically, it's a whole bunch of people across the world who are photographing themselves lying down. Weird, I know, eh? Which is why it ends up right here amongst all the other quirky game stuff. Some pictures are artistic, others awkward, some just plain, well, lying down.

Join the....movement! Pick a spot, lay down, and take a picture! Yay...or something!

hair loss said...

Where do you come on these things? That's pathetically quite amusing and perhaps worthy of a place in one of the art galleries like the Tate Modern. God, what is this country coming to?

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