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Gigantic mechanical elephant

*sings "All I want for Christmas is a a gigantic mechanical elephant ride..."*

Alright, so this is Sultan's elephant (at least according to one of the comments....another suggests it is a different one) and I realize that it was dismantled years ago, but that doesn't keep me from wanting one! I'd...keep it in my closet and feed it mechanical vegetables every single night. Yep, that's what I'd do.

This video recently popped back up on a popular site so in case you hadn't seen it, here's your chance. There's also a giant marionette girl and other amazing pieces. If this is your kind of thing, I highly recommend checking out the collection of pictures from The Big Picture from back in October from the Berlin Reunion, featuring several out-of-this-world giant marionettes. They're large pictures, so if you're on a slower connection, be warned.

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