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National Bloggy World Delurker Day - The one where everyone's supposed to comment

National Delurker Day icon with man in an overcoat, flashing the audience on the other side and looking back, grinning

So apparently a month ago when I was writing several sets of posts to be scheduled here, nobody thought to tell me that a month later, it'd be Delurker Day.

It happens every year and I never pay it much attention. In the blog world, it's a day where tons of bloggers post about the day and insist that all their "lurkers," or people who read them but never comment, come clean and comment just this once. I try to comment on a few, but I follow so many blogs that it's impossible to comment on all of them anyway, much less all on one day while trying to remember who I've commented on before...and who I've just be secretly stalking lurking around.

I've never made my own post about it either. And considering it's the night of the 14th, I had no intentions of doing it this year either. I saw others turn it into "Delurking Week," but meh, matters not.

Then I saw the logo above and just had to share it. In order to share it, I had to tell you about the day, right? For all you readers (see how I'm pretending I have lots of lurkers? ;) ) in the non-bloggy world who might not know. It's all about the quirky logo that was circulating this year. Isn't it perfect!?

fairyhedgehog said...

It is a great logo! Sadly, I'm coming to it a day late so I shan't be asking people to delurk on my blog.

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