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Pictures that look altered, but aren't - Faux photoshop

Nope, that picture hasn't been altered. Could've fooled me. WebUrbanist explains exactly how the picture was taken, though:
What looks like two photographs put together is actually a single,
untouched shot taken by Emily, the blonde on the left. The left side
shows a mirror, reflecting Emily’s image back to the camera, and at
right is her friend Alisha, seen through clear glass. The ghostly hand
and arm in the photo are part of Emily’s barely visible reflection on
the glass.
Think that's cool? There are 14 more images over there to look at. The photography skills are awesome. And if that's still not enough, here's another 15 examples of fauxtoshop.

NathanKP said...

It looks 'shopped. I can tell from the pixels, also I've seen a few Photoshops in my time.... ;)

That is a brilliant photo idea. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to go check out the other 14 images.

Quirky Jessi said...

Yep, there are a few there that really 'do' look like they're 'shopped if you start looking at details, but others aren't. I'm not going to investigate each and every little area myself. That's what you guys (and the people on other sites) are for.....to point out the errors, hehe.

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