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Dr. Seuss for computers - I do not want 3 megs of ram!

Dr. Suess for Computers - I do not want 3 megs of ram! (T-shirt)

The shirt can be found here, but what really got me was Gizmodo's continued Dr. Suess bit:

I want this shirt, it's 20 dollars*,
I want the boys to gimme hollers.
It's four bucks more for a woman's fit,
But Sam, I don't really give a sh*t—
Cause when I wear it I'll be geeky cute,
Oh, Sam, I sure hope the boys will hoot!
I do not want 3 Megs of Ram!
I do not want them, Sam I am!

*It's only $15 now and there's no difference for the women's fit now either, hehe.

Axiom Wolf said...

I love how they're ancient Dells or something. Trust me guys, you'll like the 3 MEGS of RAM. I recommend it in a clam, with some spam. Perhaps update to a plasma flat screen, then your MEGS of RAM can be green instead of different shades of grey.

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