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Duct tape meets magnetic strips

Self-adhesive magnetic tape

I probably shouldn't refer to Duct tape here by name here, huh? Erm.

Silver/gray-tape-that-comes-in-many-other-colors-now-with-a-duck-on-the-package-and-is-used-for-a-million-and-one-purposes meets strips-of-magnets; Self-adhesive-magnetic-tape-baby-born.

Yeah, that'd make a much better title, I think.

khorre said...

Of course, you totally know that Duck Tape is the brand name of duct tape. :P
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Quirky Jessi said...

My first draft of this actually 'did' say Duck Tape in it. And then I changed it to being crossed out...but then had to remove it from the title name, and you know how I am with consistency, so it got stripped before publishing. I still think what I said would make a far better title, though. :P

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