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Ironing is no longer a chore - Hmm, is it a sport instead? (Guest)

Bringing you another guest post here. This one is from James over at "I Should Do Some Homework."  If you like wasting away your time here with silly stuff, you'll love his site, too.

I hate ironing. It's boring, it's tedious and it normally results in me burning or melting something! BUT there's a group of people who have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with an ironing board, and who've made this chore into something really rather exciting:

In 1997, in the heart of the England, Philip Shaw came home from a hard days work to find a humongous pile of ironing waiting for him. Not wanting to stay in to perform this intolerable chore and miss out on his planned evening rock climbing with friends he decided (in a moment of sheer genius/madness) to combine these two very different activities. Extreme Ironing was born!

Extreme Ironing according to extremeironing.com 'is the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt". It sees sportsmen and women taking their trusty iron and ironing board all over the world to press their favourite shirt whilst doing something a little out of the ordinary.
Phil (who has the amazingly cool nickname of 'Steam') took his sport on a tour of the world in 1998 and founded the Extreme Ironing Bureau with some German tourists that he met in New Zealand. Today, there are estimated to be almost 1000 extreme ironists worldwide who hold a number of world records, these include: the highest altitude ironing at 5550m on Kala Pataar, Nepal and the most number of ironers underwater in a 10 minute period (86!). Every year they hold a world championship where the year's ironing achievements are showcased, here are some of the amazing stunts they have achieved in the sport's relatively short history:

 (Please Note: Using the shirt pressing methods below will not get you in on time for your 9am meeting!)

I'm not sure if the shirts are in a wearable condition after, but who cares?! It's a mountain of fun!

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