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Steel wool creates realistic storm clouds

Storm created out of steel wool

See that? That's steel wool. Nope, not a photo manipulation or digital creation. Check out the larger pictures on this site and you'll be able to see it better.

Volcano made out of grout, cotton, and phosphorous ink

This one isn't a real volcano either. Artist Matthew Albanese made it out of grout, cotton, and phosphorous ink. You'll want to check out the rest of his work, too, to find lots of interesting landscapes created out of household materials, including the Paprika Mars mentioned below in his explanation of how it all started:

‘One day I knocked over a tub of paprika and as I was cleaning up the mess I began to daydream,’ he said.

‘I thought it was a great shade of red and reminded me of Mars, an exotic place I could only dream of seeing.

I figured I would bring Mars to me. I went out and bought 5kg of the
pungent spice and created my first landscape – Paprika Mars.’

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