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World's smallest (tightest) garage

It's not in English, but that doesn't even matter. Watch all the way toward the end to see how he gets out of his car...and rearranges his living space. Yikes. No thanks!

Originally found here.

Emily/Randomability said...

This is just awesome!! I've seen it a few times. No Thanks for me too.

Melody206 said...

Jessi that is too much work for a car! Why not just park it outside? That is a gem of a video. I watched it. I'm almost a little puzzled then how it gets IN the car? What if he has groceries? Thanks for the great blog as always. Melody

firewings said...

Oh man I can totally imagine my grandpa doing this...

Stephanie said...

Wow. Just wow. Can you imagine doing that every.single.day?

Thanks for sharing the link. I just forwarded it on to my husband. ;)


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