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Facebook Friday Flashbacks - Bouncing bunnies, cat owls, and 4 chords

Yet another in a series of link dump compilations including all the funky things I've found and shared elsewhere. There are lots more shared on Quirky Jessi's Facebook, but here are some tasty morsels:

  • Winterbells bunny bouncin' game.
  • This guy is simply amazing. It's a Chinese guy who ultimately forms thousands of noodles by hand...in a matter of minutes and before you even realize what he's done. So awesome. Just keep watching 'til the end.

  • Really cute chick comic about the smartest question. Click here for the large version that won't fit on my site. 
  • 77 hilarious look-alikes. They really are hilarious, so clicky.

  • 8 websites you need to stop building. No really. There are too many as it is and most of them suck anyway, so if you're toying with an idea that is similar to any of these, burn it now. 
  • Axis of Awesome is a comedy musical group that demonstrates here how all you need for a hit song is 4 simple chords. They compiled quite the list of songs that use just those four. You'll enjoy. :)

    This video even has youtube tags on screen so you can see the song titles.

  • This one looks even better in its larger form.
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