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Filo Sofa - Just peel away the stained layers!

So the inspiration came from filo pastry but it actually reminds me of a house I used to live in.

We bought it knowing it would need cleaned extensively and fixed up some. What we didn't know was that when we peeled away the carpet in the living to replace it....there was another even worse soiled layer. And when we peeled that away? There was another. They hadn't even been vacuumed before another layer of carpet was put on top. Eww!

While I think the filo sofa has a quirky, modern feel going for it, I can't help but think that when a kid spills spaghetti sauce on it, the mom can just pull off the top layer and move on. No more trying to get out stains! :P

fairyhedgehog said...

But what happens when you reach the bottom layer? Eek!

Emily/Randomability said...

I wonder if you can buy more layers?

AND it looks like you can cover yourself up with it too!

tbaoo said...

i'm sorry you can't come over, my lounge is at the cleaners - cheers

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