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Michelangelo Nintendo remix - "Game Over"

It's been a while, right? Right!

So I like quirky art and I love original NES Mario, so of course I want this beauty in my living room. Or maybe out in the garage or something where it might actually fit, but nevermind that.

Drawing direct inspiration from the original La Pieta sculpture of Mary and Jesus by Michelangelo, Kordian Lewandowski created this piece using the Princess and Mario instead. I love that it's named "Game Over" and this quote sums it up quite nicely:
"While the sculpture may not be included in an art history book, it showcases one of the most iconic sculptural subjects of the Renaissance re-contextualized using the storyline of Mario instead of the Bible."

For the record, if I were to put together an art history book, this would totally be in there. History in the making, no?

Here's a view from before it was completed, too:

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