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Pajama Jeans - When your head says jeans, but your body wants pajamas

Well if the reviews I've seen for Pajama Jeans didn't suck and quote things like "horrible butt cleavage" these would be perfect for me. I love me a great pair of jeans and that's pretty much all I wear outside the house, but sometimes, you just wanna be comfy, right? I'm sure if your butt and figure look like that woman's, these would be great for you, too (at least before the first wash where they fall apart, right?). Who thinks of these things and why couldn't I have thought of it first??

~Edit~ For the record, I hesitated before selecting "fashion" as a tag for this, lol.

fairyhedgehog said...

If only they were as good as the advert! I pretty much wear the equivalent of sweats all winter so these would make a smart change.

Quirky Jessi said...

@ Fairy - Yeah, I can't imagine them actually looking as good as they do in the commercial, but it's worth a shot!

@ Katie - Hehe, I couldn't resist.

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