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I'm posting mostly over at Quirky Cookery right now, where I play with my food and teach you to have fun with it, too. Come check me out?

The advantages and disadvantages - Is there a difference?

The advantages of doing more of these compiled posts like this: 

  • You guys get *way* more content. I have thousands of bookmarks and tabs saved at this point of things I meant to share with you, but just can't get to. :( 
  • Almost daily posts. There's still more work involved but some of the nitty gritty stuff is eliminated, so I just have to make sure I show up and write a bit. 
  • I get to do more of the fun stuff and less of the really annoying stuff. The biggest time consumer when writing posts is for me to upload and transfer photo links. 
  • Posts are more in "real time" than me scheduling a month worth of posts in advance and you guys reading stuff that I saw a couple months ago. If I see something today, you guys see it tomorrow...or within the next few days. No more links to things I saw and that suddenly lit fire across the web....only for you to get them really, really delayed here. 
  • I can spend more time on writing what I want and working on other quirky stuff (like Quirky Cookery)
The disadvantages of doing more compiled posts like this: 

  • You guys get *way* more content. Isn't it a bit overload? I mean, I see hundreds of things daily and only hold onto a handful in comparison, but for the rest of you, maybe this is a lot. 
  • Almost daily posts. Do you really want daily stuff flooding your feeds? 
  • I get to do more of the fun stuff. Is that a good thing? Won't I get myself into more trouble? :P 
  • Posts are more in "real time" Lolcats are timeless. Does it really matter? 
  • I can spend more time on writing what I want. Pfft, I enjoy what I do already. If I can't spread my time out evenly among other interests, that's my own fault, right? 
  • Also, there are some other actual disadvantages, and not just the same things as the advantages. I don't have all the photos saved myself elsewhere. Some sites aren't getting the full "feature"/description/attention that they deserve. SEO and such flies out the window. And I sorta feel lazy, even though I know I'm putting in even more effort right now. 

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fairyhedgehog said...

For me, the main advantage of your other type of post is yourself - I love the take you have on things.

I can stumble for quirky myself if I'm bored but only you can provide Quirky Jessi!

But if it takes you away from stuff that you like, then just stop! Your life matters more than our entertainment.

Well that's what I think, anyway ;)

Quirky Jessi said...

Thanks for throwing in your input. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance stuff out, but at the moment, things are so crazy offline that I haven't given it much thought the last few days either.

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