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A new twist on "where do babies come from"

This is the conversation I just had on the way home...

B (7) is my little romantic. On a regular basis, she asks me about me getting married, having babies, etc, so the conversation started off pretty normal. "When are you going to get a real job?"
Me, trying not to be offended by this, hehe: "When I move away."
B: "Well are you going to have babies?"
Me: "Yes, we've been over this. Some day I will."
L (9): "Well I'm never having babies." 
Me: "Why not?" 
L: "Uh, because it hurts a lot, so I'm never having babies, unless I like, adopt one or something." 
B: "Well if you don't have babies, you'd be really bad." 
Me, fearing someone had told her that her only life purpose was to get married, have babies, etc.: "Bad? Why would that make her bad??" 
B: "Uh, because then she'd have all those kids inside her."
L: "What?"
B: "All those babies. If you don't have them, then they'd still be inside you." 
L: "Huh? Nuh uh." She's kind of giggling at her because she thinks she has baby-having all figured out, but still sounded a little nervous.
B: "Uh, yeah. What do you think happens? A baby just magically appears inside you whenever you say 'I wanna have babies.'? That's not how it works." 

At this point, I changed the subject the best I could to avoid any explanation of how it *does* work, but couldn't help but laugh at her "well duh, it's not going to just magically appear" attitude, lol.

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