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5 Reasons Why Your Neighbors Hate You, and How to Repair the Relationship (Guest)

Hey look, it's Jennifer again!

Are your neighbors giving you the cold shoulder, or worse? If you have no idea why, check out this list to find out why your neighbors hate you:

1. But, It's A Classic!

Let's face it; you've been promising to fix up that old junker for years.

If your favorite ride is starting to sprout a garden of its own, it has got to go! There's nothing worse than a next-door neighbor with their own personal junk yard in the front. Even a covered clunker is an eyesore. If it makes you feel better, Old Betsy can go to a good cause. When you donate your old vehicle to Kars4Kids, you'll get the following advantages:

  • Easy Online Donation Form
  • Quick, Free Pickups
  • A Valuable Tax Donation AND a Free Hotel Voucher

Best of all, your neighbors might not hate you anymore and won't try to plan flowers in your old clunker. Just maybe.


2. Everyone's a Music Lover, Right?

Sure, everyone loves music, just not
your music! If you're just learning how to play the tuba, your neighbors don't want to hear that noise at all hours of the morning. The same goes for your garage band.

If you play rap or heavy metal until your over-sized bass amp shakes the window frames for a 10-mile radius, turn it down! The same goes for any other really loud noises that go on and on.

3. What Are You Waiting For? Next Christmas?

If your Christmas tree has been sitting at the curb so long everyone thinks you're waiting on it to grow legs and walk to the dump, it's a sure bet that you've gotten on more than one neighbor's last nerve.

Before next December rolls around, call a trash removal service to pick up that old, dried-up, tinsel-encrusted relic, along with any other unsightly debris in your yard. While you're at it, think about taking down the Christmas lights, too!

4. My Dog Would Never Bother Anyone

Although you love your dog, your neighbors might not be so thrilled with him, especially if he does his thing in their yards each and every time nature calls or barks like he has rabies whenever they step outside.

Digging holes in their flower gardens and chasing their cats won't win any popularity contests, either. While no one is suggesting you get rid of Rover, keep him in your own yard and try some obedience classes to get the barking under control.

5. What Lawnmower?

If letting your grass grow past the two-foot mark is your idea of going green, think again. Of course, you are conserving energy -- your own and the lawnmower's -- but no one else appreciates this eco-friendly effort. Unless your entire neighborhood is planning on raising a herd of goats, each and every neighbor hates you and your yard.

Cut your grass, trim your bushes, and rake your leaves. You'll be amazed when people actually start to wave when they see you working in your yard!

Lucky for you, most of these issues are easy to fix. Make a few adjustments, no matter how painful, and you'll be nominated for neighbor of the year before you know it!

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