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Funny Myths: Determining Your Child's Gender (Guest)

Guest post here from Julee Russo.

When we were little, we bought a couple pythons from this slightly creepy guy who looked and smelled both of Indian and hippie...and somewhat cowboy for that matter. Anyway, he tied a string to ring and let it spin over one of the snakes belly's to determine it's gender, just like mentioned below. For someone who sold snakes, you'd think he'd know enough about them to actually determine the gender rather than try to convince us this was a fool proof method, pfft.


How to determine a child's gender is something that many parents are very interested in. They often want to know which gender their child is going to be, even before an ultrasound test can tell them. Some may use a baby gender predictor to get an early estimate of their child's gender. They also might want to do things a certain way in their efforts to conceive a child so that they have more of a chance of having a baby of a certain gender. Do any of those things really work? Well, it depends on who you ask. Either way, they're interesting to learn about. Here are some great myths about determining your child's gender.  

1. If you're carrying your baby low, it's going to be a boy. This has been said for years and years, and sometimes it proves to be true. Other times that's not the case, and people carrying their baby low have a girl. 

2. If you're carrying your baby high up in your stomach, it's going to be a girl. Just like the myth above, this one proves to be true about half of the time—which would make sense. Your guess is as good as the next person's as to whether this is true of false.  

3. If you're carrying in front, it's a boy. See the myths above. 

4. If you're carrying wide and "spreading out," it's a girl. Ditto. 

5. Carrying a girl will give you morning sickness all day, whereas carrying a boy will not. It's hard to tell where this one came from or whether there's any truth to it. Having morning sickness all day is lousy, no matter what gender of baby you're carrying.  

6. Check your baby's heartbeat. If it's beating faster than 140 beats per minute, it's a girl. If it's slower than 130 beats per minute, it's a boy. What happens if the heart rate is in between the two? Should you resort to flipping a coin at that point?  

7. Try hanging a wedding ring over your belly, using a strand of the baby's father's hair. If it ring spins in a circle, it's a girl. If it swings back and forth instead, it's a boy. This one just seems odd—and what do you do if the father is bald? It would seem like you'd really be stuck at that point when it comes to figuring out the baby's gender.  

There are also claims that say what you eat before you get pregnant can affect whether you'll have a boy or a girl, but there's no scientific evidence for any of that. It's best that you eat a balanced diet so that you and your baby can be as healthy as possible. That's the safest way to do things.  

There you have it. There are plenty of myths about a child's gender and whether there's really a baby gender predictor out there. It's always good to know what they are, in case you want to test any of them out and see if they could become reality.

Emily/Randomability said...

of course the baby heart rate is gong to be fast! a baby is MUCH smaller than an adult and it's always changing.

I carried both of mine low, though I think my daughter was lower than my son. So much lower, that in the last few week when I'd go up or downstairs, the tops of my thighs would hit the bottom of my belly! At the last appointment, the doctor was amazed that she wasn't falling out. I think I was at plus stations. I did give birth that night. ;)

Some physical differences between the two: My skin was clearer with my son. My hair grew slower with my daughter. and the third (kind of gross) much uhhh... dryer down there with my son.

Emily/Randomability said...

PS: We did use the ancient Chinese gender predictor chart for the daughter and it was accurate both times.

Quirky Jessi said...

I've known lots of people who used various methods to figure out the baby's gender and it turned out right. Then again, with 50/50 odds, who knows? It's fun to guess and try to predict regardless, hehe.

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