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How to organize a bookcase

Now this is how to really get the job done. <3

fairyhedgehog said...

I love that!

Now if only my bookcases would rearrange themselves in some sort of sensible order...

Emily/Randomability said...

SOMEONE had too much time on his hands.

My shelves seem to in order from tallest to smallest. Usually tallest on the left; however shelves on the right tallest on the right. Books in a series ALWAYS go in order left to right.

How OCD is THAT!!

Quirky Jessi said...

When I was a kid, one of my favorite ways to entertain myself was to rearrange my book case. >< Even if I'd just done it the day before (or the hour before, heh), I would just arrange it a different way.....by size, author, topic, color, condition of book, how much I liked it, etc, lol.

So fairy, I believe you could invite either Emily or me over, and we'd rearrange those bookcases for you, hehe.

fairyhedgehog said...

You're welcome anytime and you don't even have to rearrange the books!

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