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First grader doing Youtube makeup tutorials - Adorable!

She’s so awesome. If you’ve ever watched a makeup tutorial on YouTube before, you’ll know that this little girl knows what she’s doing…..check out how she holds the makeup up to the camera certain ways and some of the phrases she uses are identical.

Coming from a first grader, I love it. She’s obviously having fun but also really wanting to teach other people how to “achieve the same look.” Right now, she has several Halloween tutorials coming out and even shows how to make some of the costumes to go with the makeup.

Get more Madison here.

Erika Jean said...

While I think the video's could use a little editing down... this is FANTASTIC!!!

Quirky Jessi said...

Yeah, they definitely could benefit from editing down, but I'm kinda thankful the first one I watched wasn't cut down. It showed me for sure she was doing it all herself and wasn't being touched up in between to make it look better, etc. She's certainly adorable no matter what, hehe.

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