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Most Bizarre College Courses in America (Guest)

Each year, American colleges offer a number of courses apparently for no reason at all. Here are some of this year's offerings that students can take as part of their curriculum.
The Joy of Garbage – Santa Clara University
Students can receive 4 units of credit by tracing the pathway of garbage disposal, which according to the syllabus are dumped on minority communities or shipped abroad. I thought our counties went to the big landfill in the canyon, but I guess I was misled on all those field trips I took to the waste management plant. This class costs students almost $5000 to take.
Harry Potter: Finding Your Patronus - Oregon State University
Part of mandatory freshman orientation, this class is designed to teach leadership around a Harry Potter theme. Unless they teach a spell to learn calculus, this class seems just silly.
Theatrical Fencing – University of Wisconsin
Distinct from actual fencing, students in the class fence with a wooden weapon that they must provide. Apparently the point is not to win, but to look good whether winning or losing. The class description calls theatrical fencing a distinct form of sword craft. They seem to have certainly got that part right. Now, I am waiting for the theatrical fencing Olympics.
Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular Logic on TV Judge Shows – University of California at Berkeley
Well, if this class were to exist, Berkeley is where I would expect it to be. I am not so sure that the judges apply logic as much as the laws of the land, but I suppose some of them might be logical.
Sport for the Spectator – Ohio State University
Are they kidding with this one? Maybe they teach them how not to make the Friday night bonfire. What's there to learn? Put on school colors. Go to location of sport activity. Find seat. Cheer for your team. Hold up card when told. Come to think of it, I could have used some direction when my sons where playing all those sainted teams such as St. Catherine or St. Clement. The really bad ones were named something like Queen of Heaven or Christ the King. How do you cheer against those? I used to feel guilty just because I wanted them to lose. My favorite was All Saints, which meant everyone in heaven was now after me.
Geology and Cinema – University of Minnesota
Sounds like life is pretty dull in Minnesota. What was that rock that rolled down on Indiana Jones anyway? Oh, computer graphics. Okay, how about the 3D rocks in Journey to the Center of the Earth? Oh, computer graphics again. I don't think I would do very well in this class.
Stupidity – Occidental College
Explains how stupidity reveals itself in culture and politics. One must wonder which stupidity are we talking about? Anyway, imagine taking this class and failing. That picture is just, well, idiotic.
Star Trek and Religion – Indiana University
Clearly jealous because Captain Kirk came from Iowa, or a Trekie who wants to go on and on about Star Trek, this class is supposed to explore religion in the future. Did anyone on Star Trek go to church?
Zombies in Popular Media – Columbia College, Chicago
Students review literature, comics and film to form critical theories about zombies and society. How hard is it? See zombie, run. You might want to run to have a cat scan of your brain, but run.

Author Amy Southerland is a career advisor and contributing writer.

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