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Free Hugs

Oh, what wonderful things they are. Sure, they can be negative at times, too, but for the most part, a hug does all sorts of things. I could go through all the breakdowns and possibilities, but if you look around to the people you've received hugs from and the different situations they were in, I'm sure you can gather a few of your own. Maybe I'll discuss more another time, but for now, I just want to pass on the video that Oh For Fun had in her archives and recently referenced again.

Watch all the way through...

Anywho, this guy is my current idol. Back in high school I was part of an organization/club that did a million different things, but the specific reason I mentioning it is because we would have "Hug Day." We'd actually set it on Valentine's Day because even though that may spark positive thoughts in your head, to many, it can be the loneliest holiday out there. People knew who we were and we'd wear our shirts, so that if anyone wanted a hug (and a sticker, hehe), he/she could approach any of us....and we offered a hug to just about anyone that crossed our paths. It was an incredible experience. In general, I can be rather hesitant to let people hug me, but that's the day where it was my duty to drop any inhibitions like that and actually physically reach out to others, even when I didn't know them. Sure, some people turned me down....I know I probably would've....but looking back, I put a lot of smiles on people's faces that day. Just a simple hug....that's all it was...but you have 'no' idea unless you've done it before. What the guy above was doing gives you a glimpse. Appreciate it....and give someone a hug. :D

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