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The Quirkiest Egg Separater

Personally, I've never had a problem with separating eggs. You just crack the egg in half, keeping an eggshell in each hand with the whole egg resting in one of them, and then gently scoop out the yolk into the other, rocking it slightly back and forth to cradle off any egg white that didn't separate. Problem solved.

This, however, seems to be a much sillier, more giggle-worthy method. "Just break an egg into the separator, tilt it 45 degrees, and watch as the egg white drips out of his nose, leaving a perfect yolk inside the dish!" reads the site. Interesting method. Strain the egg through a ceramic guy's nose, and let it drip out like snot. That's 'exactly' what I want to be thinking about while I watch the sticky, gooey stuff slide down into my mixing bowl. Yummy. *cringes just a touch*

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