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Silicone Potholder Puppets--Hot Heads

It took me a bit to track these guys down finally, but I found them. There are a few different online sites selling them, but the prices are all about the same, so it's up to you. Check out Ebay or Amazon for slightly reduced prices (depending on shipping) or grab it from Vat19. I normally wouldn't bother mentioning the latter because the price isn't necessarily the lowest, but it has videos with the product reviews! (And I just used their photo, so it's only right to linky, too.)

They're made of silicone that are perfectly safe for both cold and hot temperatures. Completely dishwasher safe and totally fun in the kitchen, hehe.

They come in a few different varieties, depending on where you're shopping. I've seen green frogs, yellow/red dogs, and blue/red hippos (at least that's kinda what it looked like, lol). What a fun gift idea!

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