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PJC--Hershey's Chocolate Candle

Hershey's chocolate candle in sizes pint and half pint with real Hershey's chocolate syrup labelIt looks like chocolate. It smells like chocolate. But that's not chocolate! It's a candle that it is either playing a really mean trick on us...or is doing a good job of holding over cravings in the form of smells instead. Either way, I thought it was pretty cool. Buy your own here. Available in pint and half-pint sizes.

Geez. I sound so much like an advertisement. *Holds up the product and shows it off.* Mmmm...if only you could be here to smell this wonderful, delectable chocolate candle made by...


1 comments so far. What are your thoughts?
Anonymous said...

Oh no no no! Real Chocolate or nothing! If it's only trying ot be like chocolate then the smell tends to make me feel sick.

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