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*7* Quirky Things about Me!

I checked my email the other day and Susie had informed me I'd been tagged (thanks for the quick email, too, so I didn't find out a month later via Google alerts that I'd been talked about, hehe).

I vaguely remembered doing a similar meme at some point and after a quick search, sure enough, I did a meme back in March that was similar -- 6 quirky things about myself. ~Edit~ Apparently I can't read because when I first started typing up my list, I was under the impression that I needed 7 things.....as I was typing, I decided to just do 7 anyway, so the list is really different now, ha! ~~

While I waited for my search hits to pop up, I couldn't think of anything that I'd previously listed, so I decided to make sure these were different from the last quirky list. Go back and check the last one to refresh your memory. :D

Anywho, the rules: "I am supposed to tell you six boring or quirky things about me… and then in turn tag some other good folks to continue the circle." Well I'm awful at boring (and if I bore you guys, well hmm, maybe someone should tell me, because I'm certainly never bored myself).....so we'll go with quirky, of course:

1. At camp, I go by Peanut Jessi, and not my full name. Even when having things addressed to me to receive by mail, I tell them to put Peanut Jessi because no one would know me by my last name.

2. I can carry on a full conversation....in my sleep. And I'll sound coherent.

3. When I get songs stuck in my head, they don't leave....and therefore, I turn them into my own songs with new lyrics and variations, because hey, even a good song can get boring if you hear it too many times. I'm currently stuck on "What's new, pussycat?" and oh boy am I getting some glares from my little sister with my twists and turns. It should be noted that my mom is the female version of Dr. Seuss....and does it without thought or advanced consideration....it just happens.

4. I have absolutely no problem singing kid songs and being completely silly.....but I won't seriously sing...ever....and if I do sing something other than a kid song (or made up lyrics to a once-serious song), then I'm alone and not around people.

5. I tell my mother lies....that I tell other people. That way, if she ever happens across a situation where it's necessary for the lie to continue, she can play along. Apparently you're not supposed to do that with your mom, but we talk about all sorts of stuff, so it works for us.

6. I hate wearing shoes. No. Really. Completely hate wearing socks/shoes at all. Sandals always come off whenever I'm sitting or walk into a house. Boots are the same, although a bit trickier if they have to be unzipped and can't immediately be put back on. I know some people who slip off their sandals while driving, but I actually remove my boots when I step into the car, as well. Sure, I'll get dressed up and wear shoes when I have to, but the moment they can come off, they do.

7. I play with my food. More than a child does. I make sculptures. Art work. Masterpieces. Actually, I do that with things other than food, too, but it really throws people off when I do it at the table (in the right company, of course....I'd never do it when it'd be found rude or too inappropriate). Last week I built a tower out of leftover meat, cucumber slices, a butter container, and a few other random scraps that remained on my plate. A couple years ago I had a magnificent castle complete with mashed potato and gravy moat. I don't do it every time or even think about it....just when the mood strikes, I can't resist the temptation to create something. I should take more pictures of this sort of fun. Then again, maybe I shouldn't keep proof lying around like that.

KnotGypsy said...

I relate to numbers 4 and 6 - I will sing kid songs (to my cats mostly) but, will not sing seriously in front of anyone else. And I seriously hate shoes, too.

I like you technique for dealing with songs that get stuck in your head! I might try that one, myself.

Crimzen Creative said...

Hehe...love your quirks. And you should post more pictures - everyone loves to see pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

I hate wearing shoes. No. Really

You are *so* not the only one who does that. I drive barefoot all the time myself. ;-)

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