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We have our winners! Fiber One Pkg Giveaway

Alright guys, we have our winners for the Fiber One gift packages including a Fit & Healthy food journal, a water bottle, a food scale, a
heart-shaped pedometer, and a coupon redeemable for a free Fiber One

I'm especially excited about 'who' won them, too! I wanted you all the win, of course, but the first two people are bloggers I've known for a while. The very first number that was generated by Random.org was 45.

Looks like it paid off for you to go blog about it and come back with the link, Sadie!

The next two numbers were 81 and 62.

That's Erika Jean for following me on Twitter and Judy Brittle (nice to meet you!) for wanting to try the vanilla, hehe.

Shoot me an email with your shipping address and I'll start the shipping process ASAP. :D

Erika Jean said...

No way!! I never win!! thanks so much!! I'll be sending an e-mail shortly!

judybrittle said...

Wow! Thank you! I'm sending you an email with my info now!

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