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I'm posting mostly over at Quirky Cookery right now, where I play with my food and teach you to have fun with it, too. Come check me out?

April is all about Dave

In honor of these months:

National STD Month
National Pecan Month
Straw Hat Month
National Kite Month
Holy Humor Month
Informed Women Month
International Twit Award Month
And many, many more "themed" month acknowledgments...

This is becoming "Dave Month" as well (I'd say National, but the only way I can get by with that is to clarify I mean the Quirky *World* of Jessi). Way back last September when my blogging folders were somewhat organized, I had a Dave folder where I threw some of the links Dave would send me. I had every intention of blogging those things relatively soon, but here it is, a few months later and I'm just now getting around to it.

And many of these links I never would've been able to tell you that he sent them to me, but my handy dandy blog folder says so, hehe. Dave has sent me hundreds of links over time, I'm sure, but the ones I show this month are just going to be ones I had tucked away with his name on them (and maybe anything he happens to send me this month that I deem quirky-worthy, hehe).

No April's Fools here either. Quirky doesn't mean clever at coming up with tricks to play on you guys, lol.

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