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The original Snuggies - Grandma's ugly knitted sweater

You can see that this guy's grandma obviously loves him very, very much. And he loves his granny, too, considering he actually put it on and posed. :P

I was going to say "On a more serious note," and try to tell you about this collection of very fuzzy clothing, but somehow that just doesn't seem appropriate, hehe. We've seen Snuggies here a few times over the last year, but I do believe these designs probably came long before the commercialized cuddle blankets.

Beware that a few of them touch on some lines of non-PG-13, but it's hard to censor too much considering that they're covered head-to-toe in fuzz!

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Emily/Randomability said...

I totally need that brown one for working in my basement in the winter! It wold TOTALLY keep me warm! I wonder if he'd give it to me...

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