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Facebook Flashback Friday - Games, obesity, and singing (with music!) in the rain

Want another in a series of link dump compilations including all the silly things I've found and shared elsewhere? There are lots more shared on Quirky Jessi's Facebook, but here's a bit for you:

  • Disturbing .gif of American obesity issues over the years. If you catch it halfway through the gif animation, just wait it out until it starts over so you can see it all.
  • Another Mario game. This time, hit space bar to switch between a normal Mario game and tetris to add blocks so Mario can climb through new obstacles.
  • Really sketchy bunny pictures. I'm not this creepy, right? 
  • Bookcases galore. Lots and lots of them shown here. 
  • Drumbrella. This rain drum could either be really cool, or really, really annoying.
  • 8 month old baby hears mommy for the first time after having implants put in.
  • I Love Traffic game - Rush through traffic lights to beat various levels. It gets tougher with more lights to switch on and off.

Anonymous said...

Drumbrella looks really cool. Love to see it in use

Emily/Randomability said...

I'm playing catch-up here. I know we have a lot of books, but WOW!!

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