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Blogaversary or Blog Birthday?

Either way, this month marks the birthday/anniversary of the Quirky Jessi site. I didn't do a recap or silly search results post last year....or even announce or celebrate it, tsk, tsk. For 2009, the recap would've likely consisted of all Snuggies things anyway, hehe. I figured I should probably post something about it this year. :P

Things my blog has taught me from this last year:

  • People still need help coming up with creative blog names. My 3 part series still gets a lot of traffic and I should probably put together a fourth given how many silly blog names I'm familiar with.
  • Snuggies are still rocking hard and in more varieties than ever. *Groans*
  • Even though Airborne was recalled in March of 2008, over 2 years ago, people are still searching for the recall information.
  • A comment on my Smooth Away review post asked about pubic hair and apparently thousands of other people have the same question. I still don't know the exact answer, but I can't imagine it'd feel too good even if it works well. Remember, it's kind of sand paper-like, eh.
  • "The 52 reasons I love you" book made it rounds on the internet, but most people didn't know the original source, so a lot landed on my blog and followed the link I posted. This is one of my big reasons for always trying to find the original source of something. I hate not being able to find it.
  • Banana masks are still frequently sought after and people still end up landing on my humorous take on how to do them instead of real recipes, hehe.
  • Fruit protectors are a necessity.
  • Mean letters from Santa are fascinating. 
  • There's a huge need for butt boil pictures. Yeah...

fairyhedgehog said...

Happy Bloggiversary! You've covered a huge range of topics and uncovered some really cool sites. Long may it continue.

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