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I'm posting mostly over at Quirky Cookery right now, where I play with my food and teach you to have fun with it, too. Come check me out?

Make Your Own Splatter Art

Splatter art without the mess

Last day of NaBloPoMo and QAM, so now it's time to make some art yourself. When you click, it'll be a blank page.....but move your mouse around. Click and watch what happens....move faster or slower. Having fun yet? ;-)

More Mother Nature -- Pictures from the Sky

And this time, I'm not even going to give samples of the pictures. They should be viewed as the larger pictures that you can see here, so just clicky the link and skedaddle on over.

500 Posts -- Still Quirking it Up

Oh wow, that just sounds awful, haha. Unfortunately, it's already in the lyrics, so you'll just have to deal with the horrible-ness of "quirking" now being a word. Yikes. But yeah, the Time Lapse Wonders post was my official 500 mark.

If you aren't familiar with the original "500 Miles," here's the flashback for you first.

When I log on, yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the chick who logs on just for you
When I'm searchin', yeah I know I'm gonna be,
I'm gonna be the chick who's searchin' things for you
And If I Stumble, yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the chick who Stumbles all for you
And if I quirk-out, yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the chick who's quirking next to you

But I would write 500 posts
And I would write 500 more
To be the chick who wrote those thousand posts
Of quirkiness to explore.....

Time-Lapse Wonders -- Mother Nature

Mother Nature has quite the abundance of artistic works, too, and I can't possibly capture that all in one post. This post of videos, though, is quite the collection of time-lapses.....videos taken of a specific spot and then fast forwarded so you can see how the day/event/etc occurred rather quickly. Here are a couple examples:

All it takes is a Sharpie

This man decorated an entire basement using only $10 worth of Sharpie markers. See it all here.

Women in art (and film)

I originally saw the "women in film" video a while back, but when I stumbled across the art version, I thought it was quite appropriate for this month. He does a beautiful job of pulling them altogether. :)

Women in Art:

Women in Film:

Quirky Tur...key? Hmm

Okay, so I wanted to get a brand new quirky turkey for Thanksgiving this year....but turns out, they didn't have any turkeys. What's the next closest thing? Well...a turtle, of course....at least it's half the correct word, right? Right??

Yeah, I thought so, hehe. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

When business cards become more than just cards

Is it art? Meh...maybe just more like creative advertising. Either way, QuickSprout featured 51 creative business cards....and I'm just going to show you a handful of them.

(Maybe these will create beautiful lawns that will be trimmed in a way that becomes artistic?)

Crayon Assassin and Bullet Art

Oh no, violence!! And it's beautiful, hehe. Or at least it's kinda cool to look at anyway. :P

Intricate Penny Art

Love the penny art mentioned in yesterday's post? Have some more! This time, with instructions and step-by-step pictures of how to build your own on some of them. You'll find quarters, nickels, and even poker chips in the mix, too.

10 Works of Art to Make When You're Bored

Well I don't know how many of these you would actually want to create on your own. Something about implanting an ear into your arm (#2 on the list) doesn't exactly scream "Ooo, me, me! I wanna do that!" For someone it did, though, so maybe you're next.

Others are at least fun to look at, though. We've talked about weird fruit art before (and recently there was some melon art), but there's some more discussed there (#3). Beware. I do believe that lemon is peeing....

And while I'm warning you, #10 on the list isn't exactly appropriate for here, so consider before linking if you're easily offended by naked balloons.

The rest on the list are highly intricate works using simple things like pennies, scrap tires, plastic spoons, or scotch tape, but if you're really, really bored and have enough time on your hands, I bet you could have fun!

If Fire Were Water

It would be pretty awesome. It wouldn't light a whole lot, but hey, it'd be neat to look at, right?

History Captured through Legos

See several classic pieces of artwork recreated with the use of Legos. I didn't recognize some of the pieces, but fortunately, he linked to the original works as well.

Weird Statues and Sculptures Around the World

Back to the real world of statues and sculptures. These are in real places and you can read about them at the main entry about them. Below are some of my favorites from there:

I found another site with more really cool art installed around the world. Here are some examples from that one:

Light Graffiti

The subject line really does say it all, even though it certainly doesn't say much. It's "graffiti art" created by light and the long exposure settings on a camera. Again, here are some of my favorites but your favorite might be over there, so you might as well check them out. :)

Creepy Mouth Eye Pictures

There's nothing quite like opening a website and being greeted by Hilary Clinton with eyes matching her mouth. The one below is much smaller and less scary, hehe. Some of the ones on the site are rather creepy, and surprisingly enough, some are pretty, too.

I'm showing you some examples to entice you to go over there, but I don't have "express permission" from the site. And from my experience, waiting around to get permission from sites to post one or two pictures and sending people over to the rest.....takes forever or never happens. I'm giving them free traffic. It's free advertising. If they don't want the samples posted here, hopefully they'll let me know via email and I'd be happy to remove them.

Anywho, expect to find Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Shrek, Tyra, a couple adorable babies, and many, many more creepy/beautiful pictures.

Hilary, Hillary, Clinton, Hillary Clinton, eyes, mouth, creepy, Hilary  style=

Will, Smith, Will Smith

Are humans better?

No animals? No bugs? How about humans? Okay, well not 'really' humans....just x-rays of humans. You can handle that, right? :) Lots more at the link.

Pimp My Bug

Using dead animals as art not your thing? How about bugs? Insect Lab is a studio that customizes real insects with antique watch parts and electronic components.

Custom Creature Carcass Art

Yes, you read that correctly. It's taxidermy "art" and some of it is really interesting, despite what it's created out of. Some of you may be offended by this or simply grossed out, but there are several things that are no more "disgusting" than a rabbit's foot "good luck charm" or a mounted deer head that people possess.

And well, others might really throw you off, so if this isn't your type of thing, I wouldn't suggest browsing for long or you might hold it against me personally. :P

Above, you have "Punk Rock Head" and below is "See No Evil."

Struggling with Nanowrimo?

For all you Nanowrimos out there attempting to write 50k words this month, Fairyhedgehog found a nifty little tool: Write or Die. Put in your goal amount of writing for the session, and if you stop writing before you reach it, these are some of the consequences:

  • Gentle Mode: A certain amount of time after you stop writing, a box will pop up, gently reminding you to continue writing.
  • Normal Mode: If you persistently avoid writing, you will be played a most unpleasant sound. The sound will stop if and only if you continue to write.
  • Kamikaze Mode: Keep Writing or Your Work Will Unwrite Itself
Sounds like some interesting "gentle reminders" that might just get you to writing some more. Good luck with the last half of the month!

National Pickle Day -- Will you celebrate?

I almost forgot again! Just a friendly reminder that today is National Pickle Day. How will you celebrate --pickles and ice cream for you?

Some Pretty Cool PhotoShop Creations

Worth1000.com is the ultimate in PhotoShop collections. They hold tons of contests and people submit some amazing work of all sorts. Here's a great collection of work to give you a taste. And here's just a couple so maybe you'll be interested enough to clicky on through. :)

Cheshire Frog, hehe

And this one is a bit brutal, so I won't show it directly on the page.

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