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The Ultimate Gamer Wedding Cake (and a few more edible games)

I was trying not to have too much overlap this month and I know I've already featured a couple board game cakes, but this one is what a modern day "true gamer" cake would consist of. Instead of labeling each piece myself, here's a snippet from the bride herself:
As you can see, the bottom layer is my fabulous Xbox 360. On top of that is my PS2 and the next layer is my Xbox. If you look closely enough, you can see the DVD remote sensor in a controller port. Such attention to detail! Topping the entire masterpiece (as it should) is the limited edition ‘Legend of Zelda’ gold GameCube.
Doesn't she look so happy? Not only does she have the wedding glow going on, you can tell having her gaming systems with her just makes her day. :D

Here's a couple more gaming cakes to satisfy your sweet gaming tooth:


This great Tetris masterpiece was given to the Tetris-addict groom by his sister who actually left empty places in the game so he could solve it before cutting!

Shush it, Emily. I know, ok? Lol. :P

Legend of Zelda

If you're still craving more, I found this great Flickr group which is devoted to nothing but gamer cakes. Look around. Maybe you'll find your favorite game there, too.

Emily/Randomability said...


You beat me to the punch. :)

That Pacman/Ms. Pacman one is pretty cute.

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