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Happy Blog Birthday to Quirky Jessi

Or is it blogaversary? I don't know, either way, 2 years ago during this month is when I officially started Quirky Jessi. I had some posts from somewhere else, so I don't really specify one day....but simply somewhere in this month.

I know, October is almost over, so this is a bit late, but I wanted to do a gathering of sorts of some of the fun stuff I see in my stats. All of the stuff listed below will only be from last October until now....a year in quirky review. No need in going back to the beginning when things have changed so much from then.

It's always interesting to see how people got here. Some of obvious connections....and others, well....sometimes it's just plain scary how people get to QJ. Especially when there are search results that I have no idea why a person would be searching for it.....and then I realize that 'several' people have searched for it, yikes!

Enough rambling....here's some fun stuff I learned:

  • Apparently I was wrong. People 'are' interested in being able to bake single slices of pie and keep searching for the pans....which leads them here.
  • People love fruit protectors, too.
  • They're horrible at coming up with their own creative blog names. I really, really, really have to get that next post about them written soon.
  • And they're freaked out about the airborne recall/refund that happened 7 months ago. Several hundred people have came here to QJ alone about it.
  • People aren't over the Numa Numa craze from years ago. And because I'm ranked on the first page for the lyrics, yep, that's right....a whole bunch of people fell here.
  • Banana face masks are still popular. Really, really popular. Don't forget the Do's and Don't's.
  • Breaking up in creative ways is apparently a high priority.
  • Taco Bell Fruitistas are desirable. But they aren't free any more. Sorry guys, the promotion ended
  • Momofuku will be missed. He will live on in his ramen noodles, though. Well, not really....that could be a bit creepy!
  • The Munchlers were a huge hit.
  • Letting an electronic device tell when the meat is too green and fuzzy to eat....is better than sniffing it for themselves.
  • Women and/or wives getting nose rings sends people off searching. Every possible combination of these words "nose, ring, piercing, pierced, wife, woman, women" were used to take people to a really old post (old as in, written a couple weeks after I started QJ two years ago). Really guys, it's fine if women want to pierce their noses. Everyone will live.
    And no, 40/45/50/55 and all the other numbers are not too old. Do what you want....it's your nose!
  • People are concerned about the songs played at their weddings.
  • One is not the lonelinest number. There are several pages worth of searches involving "100 this, "1001 that, "100 most things here" and "top 10 whatevers there." I didn't know I'd even blogged about that many! 101 lists that Quirky has blogged about anyone?
  • Other Blogger users were just waiting for the automatic posting option, too. I don't know if they were as happy as I was, though.
  • Favicons are an absolute must. I love them myself (rely on them, actually), but it seems like everyone is getting into them.
  • Hundreds of people to my blog alone are looking for ways to keep their homes warm without heaters. I'll probably post about this again soon.
  • All those people who automatically spell my name "Jessie" or "Jesse" even when they see it written in front of them.....makes me appreciate all those who were searching for "Jessi"s without 'e's.
And here are just some of the random searches I pulled. There were thousands of unique searches so I didn't scrutinize every single one, lol.
  • grasshopper spit
  • interesting urinals
  • she ran over a possum
  • 5 foot giant toothbrush
  • adult sheep finder (is it sad that I'm 4th in Google's search results for this?)
  • dead people webcam
  • do lemurs attack humans? (hope this person found the answer)
  • high pitch voice molestation (um...?)
  • lol cat encouragement (yep, I'm first...although not relevant to what they were searching for)
  • necklace of human tongues (I didn't blog about that....did I?)
  • "hot fruit" humor pics
  • "lsd simulator" drug
  • "sad bye bye" emoticon
  • "pictures of women urinal peeing" (I really don't think that's what they were going for)
  • tears do not cure cancer
  • are bowling balls dishwasher safe? (uh, check with the manufacturer?)
  • are ducks gang banged? (yes, yes they are.....another early post)
  • are norwegians sexier (sexier than what? sheep? yeah, probably)
  • bathroom etiquette sexuality
  • bathtub mold make me sick (that's normal....just clean it)
  • boob vs boob
  • bukkit loss support group help (does the walrus read my blog?)
  • can you arrest a cop?
  • cat australia cocaine hiss
  • cats pink uv rays
  • child molestation tickling/kissing/photos (not cool guys....not cool at all)
  • cool ways of spelling jessi (hmm...jessi, jesse, jessy, jesy, jesi, jessie, jehsee, jehhhssseeee....)
  • do you have to rinse bananas (no, but it won't hurt anything)
  • dummies for a housewife
  • eraser jessi
  • evolution of dance pony
  • final exam buoyancy
  • fly in urinal
  • foods to eat after inner lip tattoo
  • fruitista and how to make (give the cashier money and someone will make it for you)
  • goats and ducks be kept together
  • horomes in trees
  • hot tub chicken
  • how a baby looks when it is one month and in the womb
  • how to make honey non-sticky (not gonna happen)
  • let go of my ears
  • looking to buy jesus bandaids
  • mooning duck tours
  • nippon ayurveda school
  • no longer want nose piercing (so don't get one...or take the ring out)
  • quirky mondex
  • ragu sledding yay! (hmmm)
  • shakespeare gangbang (there were lots of searches with the 'g' word, but this ranks pretty high on my wtf meter :P)
  • spicey boobs of china womens (yeah, this one, too)
  • the power of beef
  • torcher and women's haircuts
  • tree chemo
  • virtual nose piercings
  • "propithecus verrauxi coronatus" + photo
All in all, it was a good year. I have about 3 times as much traffic as I did last year, I still enjoy sharing all the little quirky products and websites, and I'm loving all the people I've met so far!

Thanks to all those who read regularly.....and to all those who accidentally stumbled here after searching for something really quirky. ;-)

fairyhedgehog said...

Happy Blogday, Jessi!

Glad to see that even the walrus reads your blohg. I'm in good company.

S McLaren said...

Nice thoughts and good to see the lighter side of life.

Thanks for the smile.


Crimzen Creative said...

Happy Blog Birthday - so sorry i missed it but I can't keep up with anything these days! Congrats!

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